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Last Friday i've went to Redang for 4 days 2 nights. The journey was great and i love it =) Luckily i don't get any sunburn like what just happened at Langkawi. Throughout the whole journey we went for snorkeling since the main activities at Redang are snorkeling and diving. The sea as blue as the sky, crystal clear and it's wonderful. It's 100 times nicer than any other beaches that i've went before. The sands are as soft as the wheat flour, cooling by the evening, hot by the afternoon.

We manage to rent a set of goggles and life jacket (for us to stay afloat). Since i don't know how to swim, wearing the life jacket is my main priority. Snorkeling was great since we're able to see those beautiful corals and fishes. We're not viewing them near the shore instead it's almost consider as in the middle of the sea. Tho it was kinda scary for the first time since i have some experience with the taste of seawater and almost sunk into it. Luckily, there's a guide who helped me by supporting me and encouraging me to stay relax since i wont sink. Well, im phobia to seawater especially when im inside them.

I've even experienced jumping into the sea. It considers as my first time experience jumping into the sea from the ship with about 2 meters high. But guess what .. The feeling of jumping into the sea feels cool with the seawater splash all over your body. I've even seen some baby turtles hatched from it's nest and taken some pictures during the trip. The pictures aren't many tho since i can't snap picture inside the water (camera not waterproof).

Overall, it's a good experience. *thumbs up* for Pulau Redang

Place where they breed the turtles

Baby turtles =)

Squirrel try to grab some food while we're having our tea break

Looks like a cicada to me .. lol

A beetle found inside the toilet at Redang 

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Sigh .. I don't know when does this thing happen but i guess it already occurred long time ago. It's just that im not being aware of it only. Somehow i just fell that the people you're actually know just suddenly transform into another person as if they're a stranger to you. Everyone chooses their own path and almost forget about those who are dearly to you. Now i truly understand how it feels because im one of them and also one of them who maybe also did the same mistake by forgetting someone who's dearly to you .....

So, am i the bad guy or the victim? Well, just forget about it and go to sleep. Good Night ...
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The Saltwater room - Owl City

Really love this song =)

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Yesterday i went back to my former school (ACS) to certify some of my certificates from Mr Arif. As i went there i've meet Mrs. Koh, Pn Suriani and Pn Shanti. Surprisingly, the teachers we delighted to see us once more since previously we're kinda bad students (just kidding) I feel glad to be able to meet them again as i know as a form 6 teachers they're quite busy.

We manage to have some chat just before some of the teachers went to their respective classes. I wasn't able to meet Pn Rabiah though. Maybe she's very busy since i went school at Monday and Wednesday also never meet up with her. Come to think of it, the preparation of documents for USM are kinda troublesome. Maybe this is my first time doing this. I have to make lots of copies of certificates. Example, we have to make 5 copies of our MUET results. I have no idea why they need some many copies of it.

I almost forget to mention about what i did on Monday at school. Last weekend i was having a dilema whether i should accept the USM offer for bio-resource, papers and coating course. If i ask 10 people what does this course means i can assure you 8 out of 10 don't have any idea. Maybe you can guess it out by it's title but what if i give you it's BM title? "biosumber, kertas dan penglitup" .. lol Get what i mean? Anyway, i was unable to consult any teachers since it's weekend so i manage to reach Pn Phang only. Besides, we have to submit our answers via online by 31st may before 5pm (time is so short)

So, Monday i went school and plan to consult the counseling teachers. Unfortunately both of time weren't around. I was like "wtf .. when we need you you're not there. Die ... " Thankfully, i still have some courage to ask for Mrs. Koh's opinion. Sigh .. Then, i also went for the afternoon session counseling teacher, Pn Lam. She was very helpful where she gave me lots of idea what to do in my present and future. Yet, the decision lies within my hands whether to accept or not. During the past 2 days of thinking i was hopping that god will save me from this problem. Hopping that some miracle will happen.

Before 5pm i'd already accepted their offer praying that god always stays beside me. As for now, i have to prepare some necessary stuff before going to USM. To be honest, i wasn't that ready to leave my house, my room, my families and everyone around me. I feel very reluctant when i think about when the day really comes. There's so many things i have to consider. Firstly, it'll be my transportation, clothes to bring and buy, which scholarships to apply, etc ...

I still have 1 more month to get prepare myself but i still feels that im not ready to face it at all .... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
These are some photos i manage to grab from li shan, aaron and fui teng for the trip to Langkawi, Penang and Genting. *lazy to type so just enjoy viewing the pictures*

Langkawi : 18th ~ 21st may


Penang : 21st ~ 23rd may

Genting : 23rd ~ 24th may

Finally, me and my dear =)

Credit : li shan, aaron and fui teng
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